Towards global health: The story of Sarthak

A wonderful piece on CRHP’s first surgical camp in Jamkhed, India. The post follows the story of a thirteen year-old boy named Sarthak whose life was changed by free and safe surgical healthcare at CRHP’s Julia Hospital, demonstrating the potential power and possibility of cost-effective surgical procedures as a tool for global health change.

CRHP Jamkhed Blog

Written by Sandhira Wijayaratne, Mabelle Arole Fellow – Film by Safiya Noor Dhanani, Intern

A thirteen year-old boy sits on the draped hospital bed of CRHP’s dressing room, watching as a technician cuts away at the cast on his left forearm. The wrist nestled within—straight and solid—looks a lot different than what it did weeks before. As a new cast is shaped around his arm, Sarthak wriggles his fingers, displaying deft movement around the rapidly drying plaster. Satisfied, he looks up at his grandfather sitting beside him, and smiles.

It’s been a month since CRHP hosted its most recent surgical camp, and the first with our partner, the Freedom From Poverty Foundation. For a week in late January, surgical teams from Canada, Italy, and Australia worked with our hospital staff to perform operations on patients suffering from a variety of disabilities—cleft palates and cleft lips, foot and hand deformities…

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“But…ew, what is ‘lovingkindness?'”

Love? Yes please. Kindness? Sure, ok. Lovingkindness? Uh…

Things start to sound a little off-putting when we put two sappy-sounding virtues together and call it a meditation – like a Hallmark card or, as Dan Harris puts it, “something we’d get lectured about in kindergarten.” As quoted from this week’s article, many of us respond to hearing about loving-kindness practice with something to the effect of: “but… ew, what is that?” Or, we simply tune out and move on to something more productive. But Dan Harris and Sharon Salzberg want us to know that loving-kindness is anything but – and yes, this is the technical term – “ooey gooey.” …Keep Reading! (short video included)